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At 22 months old, Ryne had a stroke leaving him paralyzed and without peripheral vision on his right side and seizures. Through years of prayer, physical, and occupational therapy, he was able to regain most of  the use of his right side and his peripheral vision has returned. What has remained are the seizures. We have tried many different combinations of medicine, but none have been effective in stopping his seizures.

Where they have failed at controlling his seizures, his seizure meds have succeeded at covering him in a “fog” that has hindered his development and kept him from enjoying a typical childhood. At five years old, Ryne has the speech development of an 18 month old. He struggles to engage adults and respond to his name and has virtually no interaction with his own peers even while in the midst of them.

We have reached a point where Ryne’s doctors feel surgery is his last option, but the doctors cannot pinpoint where his seizures are coming from.  Locating the point of origin  could involve dividing the hemispheres of his brain, scanning him again to determine where his seizures are coming from, and doing a second surgery to remove the offending part of his brain. The prospect of such invasive and possibly inconclusive treatment is terrifying and certainly not an option we want to explore until all others have been exhausted.

During the initial process of trying to determine from which part of Ryne’s brain the seizures originate,  we went through various tests at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital which provided evidence that when the levels of his medications are reduced, he breaks through the “fog” and interacts on a much higher level of speech and awareness. This leaves us with a dilemma: How do we reduce his medications while still controlling his seizures? Other families with children that have seizures even to a worse degree than Ryne have experienced great results with medical cannabis. It is given in an oil form and does not contain the psychoactive properties of  the smoke-able forms of cannabis.

To obtain this legally for Ryne, we are moving to Colorado where they already have this medicine and we believe we can give him his best chance for the future. Of course, picking up our lives in Nashville and moving 1500 miles away basically overnight is really hard to do. If you are able to help us get Ryne to Colorado, we would really appreciate it. You can help by clicking the “Donate” button below the video.


Here is a list of things we can use your help for:

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Break Lease on Current Apartment  $ 1600.00
UHaul Rental / Gas $ 2000.00
Storage Unit    $ 560.00
Car Tags/License (Have to establish residency for MMJ card) $ 500.00
Initial CO Doctor Visit  $ 275.00
Utility Deposits  $ 500.00
Rental Deposit and 1st Month Rent  $ 2400.00

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